October 3, 2012

  • Cleaning at Kathydale & October Sewing Circle

    The Cleaning Crew!

    On Monday me and my girls (missed you Jessica and Queena) went over to Baltimore to give Cheryl a hand for the day.   They are hoping and planning on moving into their new/old home this Saturday and a lot of work and cleaning is ahead.
    When we drove in these guys had already put in a half day of work and were taking their lunch break!

    Alicia did a lot of mopping and wiping down the ceilings and walls.

    Diana scrubbed and scrubbed the woodwork and walls.
    Yes I’m just faking it for the pic.  I didn’t wash a single wall.  I spent my day washing the windows, curtains and screens.

    Holly gets the GOLD MEDAL for the day!
    Here is the ~before~ picture.

    And here is the ~After~ picture!

    We took a much needed lunch break around 1:30 at a little food joint down the road.

    Back to cleaning…..

    This is not a fake picture!  Yes I did mop one of the beautiful hardwood floors!

    I was going to post my sewing circle pictures I took today but they will just have to wait for another day.

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  • I’ve been thinking about YOU a lot lately!!   I’ve been putting a quilt top together, and with every seam, I think, “PollythePatchworker‘dve had this DONE and QUILTED by now!!!!!”   I have to complete two more strips to sew onto the top.   110 inches square.

  • What little I see is beauriful, back when construction was high quality.  I think under that white paint around the doors and on the baseboard, there is solid oak.  I can relate to Holly’s job with that frown and then the smile.  Good Job.

  • Looks like the Merry Maids were at work! “Many hands make light work” (or something like that). I know Jeremy’s will be glad to be all moved in and settled. 

  • @GrannyHummingbird - At least you are trying it and I’m just goofing off.

    When my kids leave the 22nd can you and your crew come help me empty out my house and scrub it out from top to bottom?  I’m sure dreading it.  Hope to have it all put back together by Thanksgiving when we are expecting company for several days.  I want to do bug bombs before the cleaning starts too.  It has been a few years since we have done that.

  • @GrannyHummingbird - Wow 101 inches square.  That’s huge!  I’m anxious to see it.  My quilts usually take years to get done.   I love starting new projects but sorta fizzle out towards the end.   I’m in your cheering section, keep on, keeping on!  

  • @PollythePatchworker - Woke up at  3 A.M. and finally just got up at 4.   Had some coffee and pancakes and started at the sewing machine.  Finished the top at 7:45.    I’M DONE!!!   Will just HIRE it quilted!!   Not even going to THINK about that!!  (o;

  • Once again a great post, Mom.

  • I enjoyed this.  How high were the ceilings?  Ours are 10 – 12 feet depending on what level were are on.  Getting the walls washed is quite a job.  I would love to see pictures of the hardwood floors.  After living on concrete floors in Guatemala for 16 years I was soooo delighted to find that our school/house had hardwood floors.  The pot pictures bring back a lot of memories for me too.    Oh well, Holly, somebody had to do it.  Bless her heart.

  • Lots of Love and Hard Work!  So glad for all the pictures and for the way you all worked together.  I’ll bet that was one tired cleaning crew!  It looks so nice and I’m looking forward to the finished product.  I don’t know if Holly hated her job, but I actually love cleaning really dirty bathrooms.  That’s what rubber gloves were made for, and when everything is washed and disinfected and sparking clean, what a feeling of accomplishment!  When my girlfriend and I would clean an old man’s house in Ohio, she would rather clean the whole rest of the small house by herself and not have to clean the bathroom.  And I felt like if all I had to do was the bathroom and then help her finish up, it was more than a good bargain. So, we both were happy!  I do so enjoy this post.  Love You!

  • Oh, I feel all tired and achy for you. I imagine you had a good feeling at the end of the day and I’m sure Cheryl was so glad for all your alls help!

  • Thanks for posting pictures!  I love seeing homes, and this is so interesting since we share the same city.

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