December 2, 2012

  • A New Mystery Quilt

    Another Mystery Quilt!

    Some of you might remember that this time last year I made a mystery quilt called Orca Bay.   It was a fun challenge and especially so because my sister Julia was also joining in the mystery.
    Here we are with our finished quilts last year.

    This years mystery quilt is called Easy Street!

    Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for putting this challenge together.   You can check in on her “Linky” page and follow over 200 other women who are taking on this project.

    I decided to go with the color pallet that Bonnie suggested of purples, teals, lime green and grey.


    These colors just didn’t seem to go together for me until I saw this one piece of fabric in my stash.  It included all her colors and I now LOVE the combination!

    Last week after I did Clue #1, which was to sew 192  4-patch blocks I spent some time ironing the seams while I watched Bonnie streaming live on her blog.

    That got me to thinking……why can’t I have a mini sewing retreat with my sisters?

    So this past Saturday while I was working on Clue #2, making 128 flying geese blocks,  I sewed with 3 of my sisters via Skype.  Now how fun is that!!!

    Thanks Barbara, Emily and Julia for the two hours of sewing fun.

    I now have my 128 flying geese blocks done.

    Clue #3 will be given on Friday but that day  our plans are to travel out to Michigan for an early Christmas with some of our children.   Clue #3 will have to wait.

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  • How neat to be able to have a virtual sewing retreat!!!  Great idea!  :)

  • Polly, I was going to ask  you if you were doing Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt again this year!!   Not something I can do right now, but I am following along as she gives the clues on her blog – I love her blog!  Now I am so excited that you are doing it!!  Is Julia doing it with  you again??   And what a wonderful idea – a mini retreat with your sisters via Skype!  

  • Along with so many other things you are so much more tech savvy than I am.

  • @piecedtreasures - Donna it looks like I am the only one of my sisters doing it this year.   Barbara is kept busy with her books and teaching, Emily likes to design her own, and Julia was busy piecing a grandchilds quilt.   It is a little scarey in that I have no clue what it’s going to look like but I sure do enjoy the process.  Maybe you will have to join in the fun!  Next Year?

  • @PollythePatchworker - Next year, YES!!  I will plan on it, if you are doing it!  Things are quite crazy in my life right now; I took on way too many projects this year.  Here is something that you will enjoy hearing, though, and then you will know I am crazy. . . LOL . . . my friend who I go to quilt camp with, and who went with me to the last class we took of Barbara’s here in September, wants to do one of the quilts in one of Barbara’s books together, so I think a group of us will do that sometime in the new year!

  • Polly, I was hoping to do it again this year but when I last looked on her blog—last week, I looked up mystery quilts and found nothing.  That’s weird that she is already on week 3.  How did I miss it? I will definitely go to her blog.  I wonder if I could catch up?  I am not sure about that color scheme either.   It looks a bit modern and I am not into modern quilts very much.  Next year, make sure that I know about it so we can do it at the same time.  I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  • How fun is that? VERY FUN. I so much enjoyed our little time of sewing together yesterday. And this post is making me want to join in also. Maybe I could do 1/4 of the quilt and make it crib size! It is very, very tempting. Especially if Kim does it!

  • @sweaters4u2 - @pauljuliagraber - @piecedtreasures - Come on Kim, come on Julia, come on Donna!  It’s not to late.   Bonnie did say it is called Easy Street because it is a little easier this go round.   She also said the week before and after Christmas are not going to be so overwhelming.   

  • @PollythePatchworker -  It is certainly tempting, but I am going to have to pass this opportunity by.  I am overwhelmed with projects.  I need to get too many finished up by Christmas, and I have hardly had time to sew.  Or blog, which is why I haven’t updated my blog in weeks!  Christmas is approaching way too fast!  Next year!  I will put it on my calendar now so that I can be prepared and clear my projects up in preparation.  I look forward to keeping up with y’all’s progress, though!

  • Your Orca Bay turned out great. This is my first mystery with Bonnie and, so far, I am loving it. But I really wanted to say “WOW!!” What a great idea to use Skype to have a quilting retreat with your sisters. I have two very dear friends that live in another state. We could use that idea to spend time together much more often! Thank you for sharing!

  • I love the Skyping with sisters!  Wow, what a concept.  Bonnie’s web cam is fab too.  Love your fabric choices, especially that flower one.  Yummy!

  • O wow, Aunt Polly!!!!  I LOVE the colors to your “easy street” mystery quilt…  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!!

  • Wow! I didn’t know you could do that with Skype! Too bad my sisters don’t quilt, but it would be handy just for getting together for a chat, which we don’t do nearly enough. Beautiful Orca Bay, yours and your sister’s. See you on Easy Street!

  • that would be fun to share with your sisters on line. I too watched and laughed with Bonnie while she sewed some strips. your fabrics are lovely so much purple I don’t have that much not a fan of the color. but I do love the fabric you have to mix it all together!!

  • Your geese are very nice!   I thought it was really nice that you could have mini sewing retreat with your sisters on Skype.  Are any of your sisters doing Easy Street as well or is it just you this year on Bonnie’s mystery?

  • Wow, I love both the Orca’s – they are the same colours yet so different.  Your Easy Street units are looking gorgeous.  What a great way to spend some sewing time – skyping with friends and/or family.  Fantastic idea.

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