December 12, 2012

  • Michigan here we come!

    This past weekend we made a trip to Michigan for a very special occasion.
    Our three oldest grandchildren were baptized.

    This is a new step of obedience in their New Life in Christ.   Shad, Misty and Grant we are so happy for you.

    ~ Shad ~

    ~ Misty ~

    ~ Grant ~

    Mark and I have also been anxious to go out and see “Bullseye Marketplace” since they opened for business in November.

    Here is Israel with a little bit of his advertisement.

    I sure hope his taxidermist doesn’t cause a wreck while on the road!

    The taxidermist work abounds in the store.  Even above the freezer cases.

    Here’s the lunch meat and cheese counter.

    They had a table promoting these new sauces and dressings they have started to carry.

    Come to find out they are a new adventure of my first cousin Nevin Strite.
    Nevin, I took this picture for you.   Also want you to know I brought home a bunch of bottles to try.     Jessica served us the Jalapeno Ketchup with our scrambled eggs for breakfast and it was wonderful.   Gave those eggs a nice kick!

    Tim and Diana, and Chris and Alicia also made the trip.  We had our Christmas celebration while out there.    I’ll do another post with those pictures later.

    Can you guess what this phone call is all about?

    We had stopped in at Baltimore and brought Max out with us.  This is a phone call home telling his momma about……

    ~ Parting Shot ~

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  • What a wonderful weekend of celebrations!  Praise the Lord for the baptisms, and for all of you being together!   I know you enjoyed it all!

  • What a happy occasion!  And a good reason for a trip.  Maybe sometime we will drive up there.  My husband would like that store.  Losing a tooth is always exciting, especially if it’s the first one.

  • What an interesting post. It is a great blessing to watch grandchildren choose to follow the Lord.

  • Thank you for sharing your pictures. My cousin (Lynette Eby) works at the Bullseye Marketplace and I was glad you shared your pictures so we can see what it looks like. Very lovely looking store. Lynette/her sister/parents were in PA this weekend and I told her I got to see pictures of where she works. Thanks again for sharing, have a good day. Wanda

    P.S. I think I spied you shopping @ East Earl Goodwill the other month, I wasn’t quite sure if it was you, I should of ask.

  • @wanwilhurst - Thanks for your comment Wanda.   Yes I love going up to Lancaster to fabric shop.  I’m hoping to make a trip up to Sauders right after Christmas.   Always like to stop in at Good’s as well as the East Earl Goodwill.   Blessing to you this Christmas Season.

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