January 6, 2013

  • Easy Street And Christmas Fondue

    Easy Street ~ Mystery Solved

    Friday morning this is what my quilt looked like.

    All the units completed but they all needed to be sewn together.
    I literally sewed all day Friday and all day Saturday.  No cooking and little cleaning were done those days.     But by Saturday evening look what I had to show for my time!

    Bonnie Hunter thanks for putting on this fun mystery quilt.  I’m really happy with it but still need to add the turquoise and purple border.
    Stop by Bonnie’s “Linky Page and see what others have done.

    And now a few pictures of our family Christmas Fondue.   I know I’m way behind time with posting these pictures.

    Mark getting ready to read the Christmas Story.

    It’s such fun to see the little ones open their gifts.   Boaz was a hoot.  He would tear off just little pieces of paper at a time but would just keep at it.

    He even wanted to help Great-Grandma Alene.  I think he pitied her for only getting perfume instead of a toy!

    Mark seemed happy with his huge wall world map.   I figured he could find a wall at the Nursing Home for that!  He said he’d put it in his office.

    One Christmas tradition we have over the holidays is a fondue.  Each year I think maybe we can get by with not doing it but it seems the kids always look forward to it.

    What brought Diana to tears?


    Chopping onions for the fondue.

    We also have several flavored broth pots a simmering for raw veggies.
    This year we had all the trays of food and sauces on the island inthe kitchen.   That left lots of room on the dining room table for our hot pots.

    I made a festive jello dish to help cut the grease from the fondue.  It was way prettier then it was good.  Won’t make that again!

    Max loved the steak!   I’m always a bit scared with the hot oil with the little ones but let their mommy’s and daddy’s take care of them.

    Mom Yoder was a wonderful sport!  She “fondued” like a pro!
    It was her first fondue and my guess probably her last.
    I’m sure it didn’t go down as her favorite meal.

    Jeremy loves his choices of dipping sauces and has them all lined up there.

    Then in the evening we enjoyed a chocolate fondue put on by Holly and Diana.   (Served on my new Christmas gift)  Now that was some fine eating!

    Only half our children were here.   We missed Chris and Alicia who were with her family in ND.  Israel‘s in Michigan and Ethan’s in Malaysia.

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  • I’ve made the jello dessert, too.  It is beautiful, and it is good enough, but it is very time consuming to make.  I enjoy fondue.

  • Your Easy Street quilt looks fabulous!!   Good job on getting so much accomplished!  The fondue all looks very yummy!

  • I was following the Easy Street directions, but felt it came at the wrong time of year for me. Yours turned out very nice. Enjoyed your post, as always, Polly!

  • Oh Polly, that quilt turned out beautiful. I just knew it would, but it is ever so much more so. I’m anxious to see the border you put on. That world map is just down Glen’s alley. He would love one, but I don’t have the faintest notion where he could hang it. And I had to chuckle to myself over the jello. I made the very same stuff for our Christmas. I have seen it quite a few times this year on people’s posts, etc. But I loved the flavor. I would make it again even though it takes a while to make. How in the world are you going to continue your fondue tradition when the whole family is home? I can see why the children don’t want you to quit!! I would have loved to have heard Mom Yoder’s comments during the meal! Good times!

  • Your ES is simply STUNNING! I love your color choices, and wow you’re
    fast! Thank you for sharing the pics of your family Christmas, it looks
    like you had a wonderful time and it is so nice to spend it with family.

  • Your Easy Street turned our beautifully.  I love the pops of turquoise.  Wasn’t it a lot of sewing at the end LOL.  What a wonderful family tradition – fondue!  I used to have one but got rid of it years and years ago and I wish I’d kept it.

  • Enjoyed seeing all your pics.  You have a lovely family…and a beautiful new quilt!

  • Very nice that you could get it this far with all the company.  Did you stitch it on the old machine that you have pictured? That make it even more interesting.  

  • I love your quilt!  I can’t wait to see it in person.  I always love reading your posts.  

  • Your Easy Street is so pretty! And I do love fondue. How fun to have that for a tradition. 

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