March 31, 2013

  • Fancy Tea with my “Princesses”

    Tea with my “Princesses”

    Last week while my three granddaughters were here I thought it sweet that they had packed a separate suitcase with their fancy dresses in.   They wanted a tea party while at Grandma Polly’s.

    ~ Summer Breeze ~


    ~ Amber Sky ~

    ~ Autumn Brook ~

    This summer I found these tea cups that are shown above, for a couple bucks at a thrift store.   It is the same pattern of their great-great grandmother’s China.    Great-grandma Alene’s mother Alma.
    Mom these pictures are for you!

    Israel called me later asking me if I could guess what the girls enjoyed most about being at Grandma’s.  He said I’d never guess.    It was the afternoon I let them play outside and they pretended they were planting flowers and were playing in the ashes of the fire pit (getting really dirty)!   I told Israel, “yes but they also like getting really clean and dressing up!

    I’ve been in need of a new hand sewing project.   This summer we’re planning on an extended trip out West and I want a project I can work on that won’t take a bunch of thinking. 
    Been playing with velvet and hexies and I think it’s gonna be just what I want to take along.

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  • Your granddaughters are beautiful!  And I love that they love dressing up and having tea parties with you!  Velvet hexies – I have never seen them before; they look beautiful!  I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with them!

  • I’m curious.  Do you sew them with right sides together, then turn them, or will you be putting them in a quilt?  I’m curious, but they’re really pretty.  

    What grandchild would not want to come to YOUR house!!  What sweet ideas and those kids are darlings!!!

  • Donna I had to think of you while I was working on these.  I’ll be making some stars and some hexies and then plans are to join them in solid black.   Maybe do a little thread work around the inner flower.  This is a project that will take years and years and years.  @piecedtreasures - 

  • I LOVE the Flower Garden pattern.

  • Between Bonnie Hunter’s blog and her love for hexies, and now you working on your hexies in velvet, I am inspired to keep working on my project and get it finished in this decade!   Keep us updated on your progress!

  • I enjoyed the pictures of your pretty princesses.

  • How precious! Makes me wish that my daughters were that age again! :)

  • You are so creative in so many ways.  What great memories for those little girls

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