April 10, 2013

  • MCC Ephrata, PA

    Early yesterday morning two van loads left Greenwood Mennonite Church for a day in Ephrata, PA.  We spent our day working at the  MCC Resource Center.

    I was happy to see a very large group of Amish  also working there for the day.   I tried to act like an undercover photographer and snapped a few pictures with my phone.


    I believe this group was from northern PA close to Williamsport.

    I’m always impressed at the relief and humanitarian aid that MCC provides for all around the globe.

    Most of our group worked in the quilt room but we did have two fellows in our group, Stuart and Floyd who worked in the back helping pack relief boxes.

    Loved seeing the quilts hanging around the rooms.

    Connie heads up the quilt rooms and has a major job keeping three and four quilts in frames at all times.  She also does an amazing amount of piecing tops.    Here Connie is showing a youthful one she just finished.

    After lunch I noticed she was busy putting a beautiful tumbling block quilt in a spot where earlier a group of the Amish were finishing up one.

    ~Four of my dear friends~

    Muriel was given the job of sewing on price tags on some old quilt blocks that were donated.

    Queena and her mother-in-law adding their beautiful stitches.

    Darlene, Lois and Delores.

    Partway through the morning an announcement was made over the intercom that a container was filled and ready to be shipped.   Before containers leave the property they gather those working in the building to share in a prayer for the shipping of the stuff as well as the people who will be blessed by receiving it.

    There were lots and lots of people gathered but since most were the Amish I chose not to include them in the picture.    After pulling away from the building the container is sealed and away it goes.    We were told this shipment will go to Syria.   It is heading to the Baltimore Port and in a week or so will arrive to its destination.

    Here are a few informative boards that were around the lunch room.

    The few comforters that we make at our Greenwood Sewing Circle are a part of this amazing number of 59,558 that were sent last year.

    I love being a part of this work of PEACE.
    The quilts that are done at the resource center are sold at the different MCC Relief Auctions and the money is used for shipping the many many containers that go overseas.

    The day came to an end and we were home by 7:30.

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