Month: February 2013

  • Finishing up projects.

    In the last few weeks I have been trying to finish up on some of my sewing projects.

    This is a string quilt that Grandma Schultz and I have been working on for her great grandson.   Love the way the two narrow blues add so much.   All that needs to be done now is machine quilt it.

    This afternoon I wanted to go to Irene’s and see a puzzle she put together.   It is a 1000 piece doozie!

    Here Irene is working on another 1000 piecer.

    Queena K went along with me.   She showed us a quilt she just finished  for her daughter using up scraps from her childhood dresses.

    The backing was so special!  What better fabric for a mother to use for the backing of her daughter’s quilt.

    Queena brought along some redwork she is embroidering.

    I worked on the binding of my “Father’s Shirts Quilt”.

    Loved the stippling I put in the center light gray star so I decided to run that around the boarder of the quilt as well.

    Another day and it should be finished!  Yay!

  • The Heatwole Sisters Record

    This is Polly’s son, Christopher Yoder.  When Mom was at sewing retreat, she received a copy of a record they cut years and years ago.  I asked to borrow it so that I could upload it to the internet so that it would be saved for future generations.  If you would like to listen to it, you can below:

  • At my table today.

    At my table today….

    Both Holly and Alicia graced my table today.

    I can’t wait to show you what they are up to with this lovely lineup of fabrics.

    Opps!  The seam rippers had to come out at one point.
    We were tickled when Diana joined us as well.

    I told my gals I’d love to do this every month or oftener.

  • Sewing Retreat at Hilton Head, SC

    Sewing Retreat at Hilton Head with my mother, sisters and a few nieces! 

    This years sewing retreat was a little different then years past.  We were offered a time share unit from one of our nieces.  Distance and size of the unit made it difficult for a lot of the grandchildren to come.   Also our only sister-in-law Cheryl was not able to make it because Jessica was getting married that week. (In their home)    We missed you guys.

    I had the delight of sewing across the table from niece Rebecca.

    Her stack of pieces just kept growing and growing getting longer and longer.   She was working on the outer part of her quilt.  Here she is showing us her finished center.   Isn’t it beautiful?


    Sunday we had some men visitors.  Our sister Coleen lives a little over 2 hours from where we were so her husband Glen came and brought along 2 son-in-laws as well as niece Bethany and her daughter Hannah.

    For our church service we watched Dr. David Jeremiah on TV.

    I’ve decided to make just one big post on our time at Hilton Head so hold on, here we go!  This post is LONG!

    Mother made 6 of these velvet doll blankets.  One each day!

    Niece Javonne worked steady at her black and grey Cathedral Window.

    Jolene has started sewing her velvet strips together and did a lot of handwork during the week.

    Most of us walked each day on the beach.   We had a nice boardwalk that took us over the marshland right out to the beach.

    I asked Claire B. if she’d take some pictures of me and my finished quilt out on the beach.

    My quilt is called “Simply Woven” and is a scrappy random modern weave.  Can’t wait to start machine quilting it and getting some good texture to it!  We are doing one like it at our church sewing circle.


    Barbara worked on several projects.  Here’s one she designed and is working on making a pattern for it for her next book.

    She also brought one along that is my all time favorite of hers.

    I think this quilt could win ribbons at major quilt shows!

    Emily work on a lot of different projects.  She took a mans shirt and made this cute kitchen apron for herself.


    Here’s a more modern quilt called “Zipper”.   She had pieced it earlier and machine quilted it while there.



    One day it rained from morning till night!  We still enjoyed our walk on the beach.
    Here is Emily, Barbara, me, Coleen and Julia.

    Katina’s stack of flannel and denium squares is quite impressive!  Look at the background how we just put up our little sewing stations all around the room.

    We used the beds to lay out our quilts.

    And here is Katina’s finished comfort.  It’s a raggedy edge quilt.  All she needs to do now is wash it a few times and fluff up the edges.   Great job Katina!

    Her twin Claire B.  made a book bag for her niece.   All I can say is AMAZING!  The detail on it defies all!

    For one of our meals Emily treated us hordourves at Robert Irvine’s Eat! restaraunt.  It was a great experience.  He has a show on the Food Network station that I like to watch.

    Julia machine quilted her granddaughter Talya’s quilt and finished off the binding.


    This quilt of Julia’s was the first one complete!


    Coleen’s quilt is really taking shape.

    Sheila brought handwork along as well as her laptop so she could keep up with work at home.   She did ordering for her kitchen store while there.

    Till next year… long from this sewing bunch of sisters!

    Here are some links to my sister’s posts.



    Niece Jillian

    Thanks Jillian for making all this possible!