March 6, 2013

  • March Sewing Circle

    ~ March Sewing Circle ~

    I really wondered how many would venture out for our monthly sewing circle on such a windy, rainy blustery day.

    Our group was smaller then usual but I think I counted over 20 were there bringing their laughter, warm hearts and busy hands.

    Darlene finishing up the binding on this comfort top.

    It took team work to reach the middle of this one.

    Well worth the reach to get the last knots on this beautiful comfort.

    For lunch these hot soups tasted so yummy!

    ~ Sew-and-Tell ~
    Marg sharing with us another cute baby quilt she made.


    Grandma Schultz with another quilt she pieced for her great-granddaughter Erica.

    Then Ilva brought an old quilt that was her mother’s.

    The women were so drawn to it.  It was signed by their mother’s, grandmother‘s and other family members.

    Grace with her mother’s block.

    Delorus with her Grandma Hulda’s block.

    Connie with her mother’s block.

    Pearly with her mother-in-law’s block.

    Ilva with her Aunt Lucy’s block.

    Marg with her mother-in-law’s block.

    Then there was this block!

    That’s Grandma B. for Bender.
    My husband Mark’s Great Grandma’s block.

    Thank you Ilva for sharing this quilt with us and thanks to all you brave Greenwood women who ventured out on this windy, rainy, blustery day.

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  • Oh, Polly!  So, so special.  I spent the day blowing my nose, drinking tea and working on taxes.  I think you had a much funner day!  I love Ilva’s quilt.  What a wonderful piece of history and great memories.  I’m sure that quilt warmed a whole lot more than bodies today.

  • What a beautiful quilt with so many special memories for so many.  What a special time for all of you to gather and do what you love!

  • I have a community quilt from Wil’s area and family that I pieced together and had hand quilted with all the muslin and flour sack prints.

  • Love the quilts and the quilting ladies. I think quilting ladies have patience written on their faces.

  • I ALWAYS love your sewing circle pictures! This was an especially sweet post. I love the pictures of the women’s hands — hands that have done so much to help so many with their skills. And that friendship quilt is quite wonderful! They are one of my all-time favorite things. We had an exhibit of local friendship quilts at our Historium two years ago, and to see the variety of blocks, settings, embroidery, etc., was amazing. But best of all was seeing the names — and remembering. Thanks, once again, for sharing your special day with those of us who only wish we could be there. :)

  •   Enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures.  Every once in a while I see someone I know…like Ilva!  Love her dearly and enjoyed seeing the quilt she brought. 

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