October 26, 2012

  • We’re Here!


    After 22 hours on three different flights we finally made it to our destination:

    Kuching, Malaysia!

    How wonderful to  be with this dear family again.

    Double fun!  Finally getting to read to Dorie Dear and reading “Snip, Snap, Snurr”, one of my favorite childhood books.  Queena said she picked it up at book fair over here in Malaysia for about 30 cents.

    Ethan and Queena have a wonderful side yard and outside porch.   Kuching is about on the equator and is very hot, and since it is now the wet season the rains come most everyday.   Queena said laundry is a real challenge.  No one uses dryers so to get a load dry you need to watch for that window of sunny time.
    This picture is from the side and back view of their house.

    Today we used the side porch as an Art Studio.  Holly is a great teacher and helper.

    Last evening Ethan and Queena took us to the Sarawak river.  What a delightful evening.   The Sarawak river meanders through the city of Kuching.

    Holly and James with the beautiful State Assembly Building across the river.

    The best way across was in a boat!


    While the others climbed the tower I stayed down and took pictures.

    ~ Parting Shot ~

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  • Polly, Polly — This is a great post of your wonderful trip. You have about 3 parting shot pictures, but I like the last one best. That boat ride across the river looked like fun and then I liked how you took pictures of the beautiful buildings and scenery. Wishing you all well from very, very far away. Give Ethan & Queena our greetings.

  • Glad you are safely there.  Beautiful pictures.  I would have been with you on the ground taking pictures.

  • How exciting!  And these are beautiful photos!

  • Mom, I love the photos you posted. Have been thinking and praying for you all.  I had to do a double take and examine those pictures of Dorie closely–She is looking so grown up!  Love you all so much. 


  • I love seeing how people live in a culture different than my own. Ethans seem to be adapting beautifully. Love that Snipp, Snapp & Snurr book. I always liked Flicka, Ricka and Dicka. I know you are enjoying your time there to the fullest. Just curious – are those paint pencils something you took along or are they from Malaysia? They look like fun.

  • Just amazing how we can travel in so little of time.There you are on the other side of the world.  Looks like you are loving you time.  Tell me more about the picture? quilt? wall mural? that is behind you on the wall where you reading to the children.

  • Thanks for taking us along on your trip!  Those children are getting so big!  I love the sunset pictures and that last one is special!  Have a good time!

  • What a glorious sunset!!

  • Glad you arrived safely!Enjoy this special time with your family!Thanks for updating.This is probably the only time I’ll see Malaysia.Through your eyes(or should I say the camera’s eye?)   

  • Such a beautiful post.  So glad you get to enjoy your loved ones.  The sunsets are stunning.

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