October 27, 2012

  • Language

    I am amazed at how fast Queena and Ethan are learning the Malay language.
     Queena visits her friend Lily once a week, and as they visit and cook together they both work on the others’ language.  

    I’m wondering how fast the kiddos will pick it up.   This morning I had to smile as I watched Ethan studying the language on computer.  After a while little James jumped on his lap and they said the words together.  I have no doubt that it won’t be long before James will be bilingual.

    Yesterday morning Mark flew out to Bangkok to met another team.  Holly will join them on Monday.  They will also spend some time in India before flying back here to Kuching.  I’m loving staying put right here!

    Supper preparations last evening:

    The cooking is done in the outside kitchen.  It’s basically a covered porch next to the inside kitchen.   I’ll try and get better pictures of that later. 
    James helped by hammering the lemon grass, releasing the wonderful flavors.

    Dorie helping grandma grate the carrots and chop vegtables for the stir-fry.

    ~ Parting Shot ~

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