October 29, 2012

  • Sunday in Kuching

    Sunday was a very full day here in Kuching.
    After Sunday services and fellowship we met with Ethan and Queena’s friends for an afternoon outing.


    Sung and Karlynda have become good friends with Ethan and Queena and have been invaluable in helping them with the language.

    Dorie has found a dear friend in Via.  It’s times like these, hearing the two gals chatter away, that I know Dorie will learn Malay.

    We took an hours drive to a Longhouse at Annah Rais.
    It consisted of houses built above the rain forest on poles and all connected together.

    Everything is connected with bamboo walkways.

    A whole village connected, house after house.  We saw chickens underneath roaming around.   Around one corner I saw this amazing looking rooster.

    Found out later he was a “Fighting Rooster” used in fights.  The kids had went real close to it and it did show a nasty temper.

    This swinging bridge connected another long house.

    The cultural practice just two generations ago was to hang the heads of their enemies up in the rafters of the headhouse.  Oh my!

    After the tour of the longhouse we went to a hot springs.

    I much preferred putting my feet in the cool river then this murky, hot water.

    The river reminded me so much of the river I grew up along.   Dorie and Via had so much swimming and playing together.


    On the path down to the springs we saw fresh pineapples growing.

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  • The longhouses are amazing.  The kids are cute.  Kids always learn the languages more quickly and better than their parents.  I bet that pineapple smelled good.

  • Oh what a wonderful trip you are having! And the sights you are seeing! What a great experience! I am sure this trip will go down in your memory bank as one of your most treasured! I don’t know who is enjoying it more – you and Holly or Queena!!

  • Thank you so much for including us in your journey.  I bet Dorie is speaking very well quickly.  Our grandchildren are fluent in Chinese and English.  I think it is a good thing for all of the children of the world to speak at least 2 languages.  

  • Wow,how gorgeous! The houses are very amazing, and the hot spring looked like TONS of fun !!!! I bet it felt GREAT! And is that a pineapple I see?!/

    Have a good day! xoxo

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