October 31, 2012

  • Sewing and Shopping in Kuching

    Sewing and Shopping in Kuching

    Yesterday morning while Dorie and James were in playschool Queena took me shopping on India Street.

    We were joined by her Malay language helper as well as a friend.

    These looked good, but Queena said words like squid, jelly fish, etc.  I changed my mind about it looking good.

    I found some wonderful fabrics, cotton as well as some velvets.  My picture didn’t turn out to well so I’ll try again.    Queena was happy with this spice shop.   Ethan and Queena love their spicy foods!

    I brought along a little sewing project for Dorie.   Today we are making Goldilocks.   The three bears will come later.

    The days are so humid and hot so we plan our little outings in the evening once the sun is sinking.
    Ethan had been wanting to take the children to this special park made for joggers and bikers.

    It is also made to help youngsters with the rules of the road.  You know you drive on the left side here.  James you are on the wrong side!
    ~Hey, now that’s better.~

    They have lots of “Round-Abouts” instead of traffic lights.

    Here’s proof that I’m learning the rules of the road as well!

    How weird it felt driving from the right side of the car and left side of the road.  I only drove a short distance from their house.   Don’t think I have enough nerve to drive on the Round-Abouts and free-ways!

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