November 6, 2012

  • Learning Malay

    Learning Malay


    Once a week Queena meets with this respected teacher to work on her Malay for a couple hours.   What a delight to tag along and sit in on this learning lesson.    When Queena’s teacher retired from public teaching six years ago, the president of Malaysia presented her with a metal of honor.

    We sat out on her open porch.   Part of Queena’s lesson was getting a list of new words about plants and growing things.

    I snapped some pictures of our surroundings as they worked away.


    This morning Queena and I went to a market that had a lot of tailor shops.   I had to smile as I saw the many women sewing away in their little shops.  Most of the ladies are making clothes or doing alterations.

    This lady won my heart.  She said she has been treadling on this very machine for over 56 years.  That is older then I am.
    In one of the stalls I spotted this hand stitched “Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt”. 

    It was the first quilt I’ve seen seen being over here.   I sure felt a kindred spirit with this lady and would of loved to sit and chat…       ….but I don’t know Malay and she didn’t know English.

    We stopped at the little food vendor for a bite to eat.   Queena said she is a regular customer.   The owner was so friendly and sat and visited with us while we ate.    He told me he loves when Queena comes.  He said she is always smiling!    They are a Christian couple.


    ~ Parting Shot ~

    We were thirsty and bought a bottle of water.
    What a name!

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  • Are Ethans planning to be in Malaysia for the long haul? I think learning a new language would be so neat, but the older I get, the more daunting the idea. Guess I’ll have to settle for pig latin. Your parting shot makes me laugh.

  • Beautiful photos!

  • Oh dear.  Hope you didn’t have to go wee-wee-wee all the way home.
    (Forgive me)

  • Polly, your posts are so interesting. I loved the church service with Dorie and James. So cute and adorable!

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