November 16, 2012

  • Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog!

    As much as I’ve enjoyed visiting Queena and Ethan, it feels so good to be back on American soil.  The hard part of coming home is getting my days and nights switched back where they belong.
    I’ve been awake since 2:00 am this morning.  Wide awake!   I know by afternoon I’ll be so sleepy.   I’m anxious for the 12 hour time difference to get back to normal again.

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears all done!

    Holly stayed over for an extra week.   All the pictures of Mark and her time in Bangkok and India are on her camera.  Once she gets home I’ll see if I can post a link to her site.

    One day Ethans took us into the rain forest where park officials feed the orangutans twice a day.  We were so hoping to see Ritchie, Baka and others.

    It was so hot and humid.   The trees were dripping droplets of water.   We waited and waited but no monkeys.   I was so disappointed but did enjoy our walk way back in the Jungle.

    Just look at the roots of these trees in our path.   I thought that curly vine was worthy of a picture.

    Back home and a good game of “Hide-and-Seek” with James.

    Another evening Dorie wanted a tea party with the girls.

    It wasn’t long before James wanted his sip of tea as well.

    Guess what this is!

    A sweet memory of my father Oren!

    Another evening we celebrated Holly and my birthdays by going out to “The Junk”.

    It was more of a western style restaurant.   After our meal we went to the river to enjoy the sights and sounds.   Remember this building in one of my previous posts?

    There were different musical groups along the way playing for a donation.   We sat fairly close to this guy and enjoyed his music.

    I especially enjoyed watching Queena visiting with these two Muslim gals in Malay.

    Thought you’d like to check out what my son Christopher is up to:

    Here is a link to his project, if you would like more details:

    Thanks again Queena, Ethan, Dorie and James for all the good times and for taking such good care of us.   We love you and will look forward to another visit at another time.

    ~ Parting Shot ~

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  • What a wonderful, wonderful trip! At first I thought that curly vine was a snake! The picture of Mark playing hide and seek with James is precious. And the picture of the orange juice container brought tears to my eyes. I’ll be looking forward to Holly’s pictures.

  • So glad you are home!  What a wonderful trip!  I know you all made memories that will last a lifetime!

  • What a wonderful trip you had — I so enjoyed your pictures!  Is Goldilocks and the Three Bears a kit or something you created?  I’m sure my granddaughter would enjoy something like that.

  • What a delightful several minutes I’ve spent with you!!!!    The yellow flower…..Is that a Mandevilla?   And was it planted there, or did it grow wild?   I buy one or two of those every year.   Never had a yellow one though.

  • Enjoyed hearing about your trip.  With having experienced both sides of the coin: being the foreign missionary and having children and grandchildren as foreign missionaries, I understand so much what its like.  We loved having company and especially when Grandparents came.  I ache to go and visit our family again.    Glad you had a safe trip.

  • I’m glad that curly vine is only a vine, and not a snake.  Hope your time schedule get adjusted soon.  Looking forward to seeing more pictures later.

  • Looks like a wonderful time!

  • We’re going to miss you all — we already do!
    By the way, I heard that the reason the orangutans didn’t come out to the feeding was because it’s durian season.  Like most Malaysian primates (including humans), orangutans stuff themselves with the “king of fruits” this time of year.

  • @PiedCrow - Ethan I’ll be kind and just let the Orangutans have my share of the “king of fruits’.  

  • Hey, this is my first time reading this post, so glad to have this pictures to remember that awesome time! Miss you Mom! Queena

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