July 29, 2013

June 5, 2013

  • June Sewing Circle

    ~ June Sewing Circle ~

    A lot is going on in this picture.

    Above the quilt a mother is showing her young daughter how to knot the top.

    Under the quilt....a meeting is going on!

    Since our Christian Day School is out for the summer we had more children there then usual.

    We don't mind because they are our future "sewing circle".

    I love Linda's concentration here.  Later in the day I saw her daughter Kristen teaching another young gal how to crochet.

    The hand quilting is showing up so nicely on these solid colors.

    Delores you are such a magnet!  Must be that jolly heart and laughter!

    We only had one item for "Sew-and-tell"!
    Connie is making this quilt to donate as a fund raiser for a historical place.

    During our meeting I sat behind these sweet dear ladies.  I would of loved to heard what they were saying to each other.

    I know it looks like I must be sitting on a chair or kneeling on the floor  but in truth I am standing UP between two beautiful and very tall young ladies!

    Darlene was given this very old quilt top by a friend.

    Tomorrow I'm heading out on a great and long summer adventure.  I probably won't post all summer long.   My plans are to share a picture a day on facebook.
    You'll find me as  PollyHeatwoleYoder on facebook.   Just ask to be my friend and I'll take you along for the ride! 

June 2, 2013

  • ~ River Joy ~

    ~ River Joy and her grandma Polly ~


    This grandma's heart is so full.  This weekend we made a dashing trip out to Michigan to love on our latest grandchild,  River Joy Yoder.  She makes #12 for us.

    When we got out there Israel and the boys were still in the fields bailing hay.

    ~Muscle Work~

    Momma is doing great with her new wee one!

    Friday I took a little walk around the place.  We had to stop on the front porch and take a little time with the kittens.

    Then on out to the chicken pen.  Had a hard time getting a good picture of the hens but I sure like the grand daughters.

    Then on out to the field where Israel keeps his "Bullseye Marketplace" mascot.
    This Texas Longhorn looks a little wild to me.

    Back in the house a little photo shoot was going on.


    Fun with a camera, and even more fun with a baby!

    ~ Parting Shot ~
    You know what team this tribe cheers for!  Even Bonnie the dog.

May 27, 2013

  • Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max

    Wow!  That's all I can say!
    This evening Mark and I felt like we were in the "Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max Commercial".


    Thanks John H. for the 600+ HP ride!
    You know how to keep us young.

    My miniature Hollyhocks are in full bloom.  They are fastly becoming a favorite flower of mine.

    The colors remind me of Sarah Jane's quilt.

    Last week I had a group of my friends in to sew for the day.   This is Mark's sister Sarah with the first quilt she has ever made.   She is doing a great job and is almost done with the 48 blocks.  Wow!

    I also got a picture of Connie B. and the cute little "30's quilt" she is working on.

    Friday we sure enjoyed supper and an evening with Chris and Alicia.   Alicia's folks were in for the week from North Dakota.  

    Eariler in the week niece Joy came down from Pa. to spend the day with Grandma.   We met at Smith's for lunch.   It's always great to catch up on what's happening in our niece and nephews lives.  Thanks Joy for taking time to come to Delaware.

    So many more get-together's lately but I don't have pictures to share.
    A Rook night with friends!
    A steak and shrimp supper with family and friends!
    My sister June and Jim were here for the week-end as well but I forgot to get any pictures.

May 18, 2013

  • Cookout, Cornhole and Campfire!

    Cookout, Cornhole and Campfire.

    Tim and Diana thanks for the summertime fun.

      I forget who won.

    Cheerleaders on the sidelines.

    Our family loves being with John H.  By the end of the evening he sure was racking up the points.

    Just look how Maggie May sits there patiently as his master plays.

    One reason I like Maggie May is because Timmy has trained her well.  She sits and stays when told.  (most of the time)

    Lots of stories and laughter around the fire.

May 12, 2013

  • Thanks to my children.

    Thank-you to my six children!    You sure do know how to make this momma of yours feel special.


    For lunch today Holly dear invited Mark and I over to celebrate, along with Chris, Alicia, Tim and Diana.  Diana had to work so she had to leave soon after we got there.

    Right after church Timmy stopped in here at the house and gave  me a ride on over to Holly's place.
    I rode in style!

    What a delicious meal!   Panera Bread steak and blue cheese salad,  rice, roasted sweet potatoes.   All my favorite dishes.

    Ending it with a wonderful sweet cream cake with fresh berries.

    After the meal Chris and Alicia introduced us to a new table game.  The name was... "No Thanks!" for you gamers out there.   Great fun.

    ~ Parting Shots ~

    Love and Blessings to my dear mother!  I do love you!

    This evening we go to Mom Yoders for a family gathering.   I am doubly Blessed.


April 28, 2013

  • Happy 57th Birthday Honey!

    I love growing older with this man that I love so much!

    Jeremy called and said they'd like to come in to Delaware on Friday and Saturday.  Jeremy's birthday is the day before Marks and they both wanted to get in a round of golf to help celebrate!

    ~Practicing in the yard~


    On Sat. Jeremy, Cheryl and Ariel spent the day in Rehoboth while I enjoyed Max and Bo.

    They wanted a picnic in the yard.  Perfect weather.

    This next picture is not about the tree.
    It's not about the house.
    It's not about the beautiful big, blue sky.
    It's not even about Maxwell.
    Look real close.

    It is about that little elbow sticking out to the left of the tree.

    ~ Potty Break ~

    Happy 33rd Birthday Jeremy!


    Before they headed back to Baltimore we had a pizza supper ending with candles on this fruit pizza, for the birthday boy.
    We also were joined by Pastor Timothy Gakunju, his wife Ann and their four children.

    Timothy pastors a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They stayed with us for the night and then on Sunday gave the morning message at our church.
    After a pot-luck meal they headed back West for an 11 hour drive.

April 21, 2013

  • Grandma Night

    Last Sunday we had "Grandma Night" at Daniel and MaryAnn's place.

    We try and get as many Yoder's together as we can once a month at mom's place.    Last Sunday Mary Ann invited us to meet at their home.    Mark's brother Nelson and Rose were down from Pa.

    Mom surrounded by a sweet bunch of her grandaughters and grandson's wives.  Mom thank you for the Godly heritage you have passed on to this bunch of gals.  They are blessed.

    The evening was filled with games and laughter.
    Here's a rousing game of Dutch Blitz.

    Sorry about the quality of these pictures.  I didn't have my camera so I took them with my phone.

    Mary Ann and Sarah Jane dishing out some of the goodies.   I love those red pickled eggs, and Rose's dill pickles are "the best ever!".

    Everyone brings different dishes in.   Whatever you have on hand.  We usually have a pretty good spread of food.

    Maybe all this good food did something strange to us tho!!!

    I'm sorta glad the picture turned out rather fuzzy!
    Hey I love these gals.  They're some of my favorite people!

    Before we left I asked Deborah if I could see the quilt she made out of her daddy's hat collection.

    He wanted it extra long for when he's on his lazyboy. 
    Deborah you did an amazing job.  I love it.  It was fun seeing all the different hats and places they represented!
    Little Charis was right pleased to say the least.
    I love the way Daniel and Deborah are both looking at her.

    In my last post I mentioned Mark being on a trip around the world.  I usually don't like to mention that he is gone until he gets back.
    He spent two weeks across the ocean.  One week in India and one week in Napal.  I was so glad that our brother-in-law Terry was able to make the trip with him.
    I'm saving up my trip time to go spend a week or two with Queena, Ethan, Dorie and James this winter. 

    My "Scrappy Trip Around the World" is coming along.  I have about six more blocks to make and then I can start joining them.  This picture is a little off in color.

    I have a big week ahead of me.   The last couple days I've had a throbbing tooth ache so a trip to the dentist is in store.     Overnight company towards the end of the week which means some major cleaning around here.   I know I'll still find time to sew tho!
    Blessings to you all.

April 14, 2013

  • Scrappy Trip Around the World

    "Scrappy Trip Around the World"

    Last Sunday  I  had special guests at my table.  Sheila and Sanford came to Delaware for the day bringing Mother and my sister Coleen (who was up from Ga. visiting mother in Va.) and my sister Barbara.   Sorry Babs I didn't get a pic. of you.    They came especially to hear Ken K. share the Sunday evening program on his journey this past year having cancer.


    My two mother's enjoying conversation.

    Lately I've been seeing a lot of this quilt pattern floating around on the web.   I give credit to Bonnie Hunter who posted the pattern.  If you google Bonnie Hunter Scrappy trip around the world and click on images you will see lots and lots of versions.

    It's really a fun pattern.    I first cut lots of 2 inch strips from a color pallet of another quilt that I liked.
    It's not matchy, matchy but I'm just experimenting and trying to step out of the box.
    (trying to be brave here)

    One thing that helps is to have some good friends to sew with.   Queena, Wava and Delores came and joined me for the day.

    Poor Wava was given instructions from her man that she first needed to patch a pair of jeans before she could start on her sewing project.

    We decided to eat our salad lunch out on the porch but about froze.

    We came inside before we were done.
    Great day sewing with you girls.  Thanks.

    After sewing 8 strips together you cut the strada in 8 2inch pieces and join them in a block.

      Last evening I needed to cut more strips so I put "Duck Dynasty" on while cutting and sewing into the night.

    I like whats happening with this "Scrappy Trip Around the World"

    While Mark is literally on a trip around the world how fitting that I should be making a quilt called  "Trip Around the World"
    He'll soon be home and I hope to fill you in on some more details.

April 10, 2013

  • MCC Ephrata, PA

    Early yesterday morning two van loads left Greenwood Mennonite Church for a day in Ephrata, PA.  We spent our day working at the  MCC Resource Center.

    I was happy to see a very large group of Amish  also working there for the day.   I tried to act like an undercover photographer and snapped a few pictures with my phone.


    I believe this group was from northern PA close to Williamsport.

    I'm always impressed at the relief and humanitarian aid that MCC provides for all around the globe.

    Most of our group worked in the quilt room but we did have two fellows in our group, Stuart and Floyd who worked in the back helping pack relief boxes.

    Loved seeing the quilts hanging around the rooms.

    Connie heads up the quilt rooms and has a major job keeping three and four quilts in frames at all times.  She also does an amazing amount of piecing tops.    Here Connie is showing a youthful one she just finished.

    After lunch I noticed she was busy putting a beautiful tumbling block quilt in a spot where earlier a group of the Amish were finishing up one.

    ~Four of my dear friends~

    Muriel was given the job of sewing on price tags on some old quilt blocks that were donated.

    Queena and her mother-in-law adding their beautiful stitches.

    Darlene, Lois and Delores.

    Partway through the morning an announcement was made over the intercom that a container was filled and ready to be shipped.   Before containers leave the property they gather those working in the building to share in a prayer for the shipping of the stuff as well as the people who will be blessed by receiving it.

    There were lots and lots of people gathered but since most were the Amish I chose not to include them in the picture.    After pulling away from the building the container is sealed and away it goes.    We were told this shipment will go to Syria.   It is heading to the Baltimore Port and in a week or so will arrive to its destination.

    Here are a few informative boards that were around the lunch room.

    The few comforters that we make at our Greenwood Sewing Circle are a part of this amazing number of 59,558 that were sent last year.

    I love being a part of this work of PEACE.
    The quilts that are done at the resource center are sold at the different MCC Relief Auctions and the money is used for shipping the many many containers that go overseas.

    The day came to an end and we were home by 7:30.