June 2, 2013

  • ~ River Joy ~

    ~ River Joy and her grandma Polly ~


    This grandma’s heart is so full.  This weekend we made a dashing trip out to Michigan to love on our latest grandchild,  River Joy Yoder.  She makes #12 for us.

    When we got out there Israel and the boys were still in the fields bailing hay.

    ~Muscle Work~

    Momma is doing great with her new wee one!

    Friday I took a little walk around the place.  We had to stop on the front porch and take a little time with the kittens.

    Then on out to the chicken pen.  Had a hard time getting a good picture of the hens but I sure like the grand daughters.

    Then on out to the field where Israel keeps his “Bullseye Marketplace” mascot.
    This Texas Longhorn looks a little wild to me.

    Back in the house a little photo shoot was going on.


    Fun with a camera, and even more fun with a baby!

    ~ Parting Shot ~
    You know what team this tribe cheers for!  Even Bonnie the dog.

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  • Such a cute post!!!   Lovely family!   I can understand why your Grandma heart is so full!!!

  • River Joy is beautiful, Polly.  Congratulations on another beautiful blessing!

  • A beautiful new addition to the family!

  • What a beautiful baby!  How very special that you had the chance to spend some time with this part of your family.  Shad and Misty and Grant have really grown up!  It has been a while since I have seen any of them.  And isn’t it funny how our grown up kids cheer for the Cincinnati Reds and yours cheer for the Orioles?  It makes me laugh.  Family.  What a precious gift we have been given!

  • She’s so beautiful!!!!!

  • I love the pictures of your family. I like the name River Joy.

  • Beautiful famiy!  I have heard from several friends on here that Xanga may close.  If it does please find me on FB and keep in touch.  I love your posts and your pictures.  I’m Carol McKay Harper on FB 

  •   Congratulations again, Polly! I know you are so full and overflowing. Don’t you just love each one and like to squeeze them and keep them close!

  • It was so good to see Israel’s family again. I love being able to keep up with them. Love the family pix with each one doing their thing! After Glen and I looked at your blog, the picture Glen want to go back up and see was the baling picture!! He said, “I can’t tell what kind of baler it is . . . it must be a . . .!” Oh my! The generation pix needs Great-grandma Aileen on it yet. Good times with you and yours!

  • Congratulations!Baby is so precious!

  • wonderful!  congratulations!!

  • Woohoo!  Another beautiful addition to the Yoder family.

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