June 5, 2013

  • June Sewing Circle

    ~ June Sewing Circle ~

    A lot is going on in this picture.

    Above the quilt a mother is showing her young daughter how to knot the top.

    Under the quilt….a meeting is going on!

    Since our Christian Day School is out for the summer we had more children there then usual.

    We don’t mind because they are our future “sewing circle”.

    I love Linda’s concentration here.  Later in the day I saw her daughter Kristen teaching another young gal how to crochet.

    The hand quilting is showing up so nicely on these solid colors.

    Delores you are such a magnet!  Must be that jolly heart and laughter!

    We only had one item for “Sew-and-tell”!
    Connie is making this quilt to donate as a fund raiser for a historical place.

    During our meeting I sat behind these sweet dear ladies.  I would of loved to heard what they were saying to each other.

    I know it looks like I must be sitting on a chair or kneeling on the floor  but in truth I am standing UP between two beautiful and very tall young ladies!

    Darlene was given this very old quilt top by a friend.

    Tomorrow I’m heading out on a great and long summer adventure.  I probably won’t post all summer long.   My plans are to share a picture a day on facebook.
    You’ll find me as  PollyHeatwoleYoder on facebook.   Just ask to be my friend and I’ll take you along for the ride! 

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  • Glad you are going to keep in touch some way.  I’d sure hate to lose your wonderful posts and now travel pictures.

  • Is the quilt in the first couple pictures what you pieced at our Heatwole sewing retreat? I love the meeting going on under the quilt. And I’m looking forward to your pictures of your travels on FaceBook. That’s a good idea. See you Saturday evening!

  • Polly, I hope that we always keep in touch no matter what happens w/Xanga!  Thank you for another lovely post.  That yellow and white quilt is gorgeous, I’ve always loved that shade of yellow.  I want to be just like Delores!  What a great picture.

  • Oh, I almost forgot, have a wonderful adventure, it sounds amazing!  Praying for your safe travels.

  • I ALWAYS love the pictures from your sewing circle. These were especially nice, with so many young girls there, working away. I love it — the future of sewing is in the hands of the young ones.

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