May 12, 2013

  • Thanks to my children.

    Thank-you to my six children!    You sure do know how to make this momma of yours feel special.


    For lunch today Holly dear invited Mark and I over to celebrate, along with Chris, Alicia, Tim and Diana.  Diana had to work so she had to leave soon after we got there.

    Right after church Timmy stopped in here at the house and gave  me a ride on over to Holly’s place.
    I rode in style!

    What a delicious meal!   Panera Bread steak and blue cheese salad,  rice, roasted sweet potatoes.   All my favorite dishes.

    Ending it with a wonderful sweet cream cake with fresh berries.

    After the meal Chris and Alicia introduced us to a new table game.  The name was… “No Thanks!” for you gamers out there.   Great fun.

    ~ Parting Shots ~

    Love and Blessings to my dear mother!  I do love you!

    This evening we go to Mom Yoders for a family gathering.   I am doubly Blessed.


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