April 28, 2013

  • Happy 57th Birthday Honey!

    I love growing older with this man that I love so much!

    Jeremy called and said they’d like to come in to Delaware on Friday and Saturday.  Jeremy’s birthday is the day before Marks and they both wanted to get in a round of golf to help celebrate!

    ~Practicing in the yard~


    On Sat. Jeremy, Cheryl and Ariel spent the day in Rehoboth while I enjoyed Max and Bo.

    They wanted a picnic in the yard.  Perfect weather.

    This next picture is not about the tree.
    It’s not about the house.
    It’s not about the beautiful big, blue sky.
    It’s not even about Maxwell.
    Look real close.

    It is about that little elbow sticking out to the left of the tree.

    ~ Potty Break ~

    Happy 33rd Birthday Jeremy!


    Before they headed back to Baltimore we had a pizza supper ending with candles on this fruit pizza, for the birthday boy.
    We also were joined by Pastor Timothy Gakunju, his wife Ann and their four children.

    Timothy pastors a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They stayed with us for the night and then on Sunday gave the morning message at our church.
    After a pot-luck meal they headed back West for an 11 hour drive.

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  • Enjoyed every picture – but loved the potty break. :)

  • just had to comment on that first photo and your sweet words about your hubby. such a wonderful thing to see couples who’ve been together so long still so long. inspiring for those of us a little behind you on the journey. and we need more example of godly, lasting marriages!

    and your pastor friend and his family caught my attention being from cincinnati.. that’s where i’m from too!! :) ))

  • When we came to the farm at first there was no potty so we would tell oldest g-son, Jarrod, to find a tree.  One day when we were in our home near KCMO I looked out the window and he is running franticly around the front yard.  I went down to see what the problem was and he said, “Grandmother!  I have to find a tree!”  I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom with him and then explained we only find a tree at the farm.   lol

  • You are one busy lady with an open home for many guests. I love your hospitality! And a great happy birthday to Mark. I know you make it special for him.

  • Thank you for your kind words.@grace_to_be - 

  • Max’s expression on the tree picture made me chuckle. It looks like he is enjoying the joke on Bo!

    And Happy Birthday to Jeremy and Mark! What a great idea to have a fruit pizza for a cake!

  • Coleen what you don’t know (but now do) is the reason Max is standing so far from the tree is that Bo just peed on his leg.@ColeenSr - 

  • It’s nice that he goes behind the tree to do his business.  Half the time Seth just goes whenever and wherever he feels the urge.  LOL  (we’re working on that).

    Lovely picnic.

    Happy Birthday to your husband!  My dad turned 57 in December.

  • Aunt Polly, I just love reading all your posts and seeing your pictures.  I hope Jeremy and I can come visit you some day soon.

  • I love that Gakunju family so much!

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