April 21, 2013

  • Grandma Night

    Last Sunday we had “Grandma Night” at Daniel and MaryAnn’s place.

    We try and get as many Yoder’s together as we can once a month at mom’s place.    Last Sunday Mary Ann invited us to meet at their home.    Mark’s brother Nelson and Rose were down from Pa.

    Mom surrounded by a sweet bunch of her grandaughters and grandson’s wives.  Mom thank you for the Godly heritage you have passed on to this bunch of gals.  They are blessed.

    The evening was filled with games and laughter.
    Here’s a rousing game of Dutch Blitz.

    Sorry about the quality of these pictures.  I didn’t have my camera so I took them with my phone.

    Mary Ann and Sarah Jane dishing out some of the goodies.   I love those red pickled eggs, and Rose’s dill pickles are “the best ever!”.

    Everyone brings different dishes in.   Whatever you have on hand.  We usually have a pretty good spread of food.

    Maybe all this good food did something strange to us tho!!!

    I’m sorta glad the picture turned out rather fuzzy!
    Hey I love these gals.  They’re some of my favorite people!

    Before we left I asked Deborah if I could see the quilt she made out of her daddy’s hat collection.

    He wanted it extra long for when he’s on his lazyboy. 
    Deborah you did an amazing job.  I love it.  It was fun seeing all the different hats and places they represented!
    Little Charis was right pleased to say the least.
    I love the way Daniel and Deborah are both looking at her.

    In my last post I mentioned Mark being on a trip around the world.  I usually don’t like to mention that he is gone until he gets back.
    He spent two weeks across the ocean.  One week in India and one week in Napal.  I was so glad that our brother-in-law Terry was able to make the trip with him.
    I’m saving up my trip time to go spend a week or two with Queena, Ethan, Dorie and James this winter. 

    My “Scrappy Trip Around the World” is coming along.  I have about six more blocks to make and then I can start joining them.  This picture is a little off in color.

    I have a big week ahead of me.   The last couple days I’ve had a throbbing tooth ache so a trip to the dentist is in store.     Overnight company towards the end of the week which means some major cleaning around here.   I know I’ll still find time to sew tho!
    Blessings to you all.

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  • Good times as always.  I have to make a dental appt too.  Yuck

  • Oh, dear.  I mean, Oh, Dear Me!!!  

    Seriously, I love the pictures, Polly.  People in this old world that I love most are in this post.  And you are one of them.  My sister in law, my forever friend.  You add dementia — I mean, dimension to my life and laughter to my very soul.  Love you! 

  • What a neat post! I love the hat quilt!! What a cool idea. So nice to be with those we love. No one can take their place and we miss them when they go. Blessings on your week.

  • What a busy lady you are! I trust the trip to the dentist went okay. I know how much you hate that. 

  • Oh, and I know Grandma looks forward to Grandma Night every month!! I love the way y’all take good care of her!

  • Sarah Jane and Mary Ann look so much alike. I like the “cut up” picture too. I can see that you all have fun. And I’m still liking that Scrappy Trip quilt. Makes me want to make one too. And the “cap” quilt is so unique. I’ve heard of sweatshirt quilts but this is the first for a “cap” quilt.

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