April 14, 2013

  • Scrappy Trip Around the World

    “Scrappy Trip Around the World”

    Last Sunday  I  had special guests at my table.  Sheila and Sanford came to Delaware for the day bringing Mother and my sister Coleen (who was up from Ga. visiting mother in Va.) and my sister Barbara.   Sorry Babs I didn’t get a pic. of you.    They came especially to hear Ken K. share the Sunday evening program on his journey this past year having cancer.


    My two mother’s enjoying conversation.

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of this quilt pattern floating around on the web.   I give credit to Bonnie Hunter who posted the pattern.  If you google Bonnie Hunter Scrappy trip around the world and click on images you will see lots and lots of versions.

    It’s really a fun pattern.    I first cut lots of 2 inch strips from a color pallet of another quilt that I liked.
    It’s not matchy, matchy but I’m just experimenting and trying to step out of the box.
    (trying to be brave here)

    One thing that helps is to have some good friends to sew with.   Queena, Wava and Delores came and joined me for the day.

    Poor Wava was given instructions from her man that she first needed to patch a pair of jeans before she could start on her sewing project.

    We decided to eat our salad lunch out on the porch but about froze.

    We came inside before we were done.
    Great day sewing with you girls.  Thanks.

    After sewing 8 strips together you cut the strada in 8 2inch pieces and join them in a block.

      Last evening I needed to cut more strips so I put “Duck Dynasty” on while cutting and sewing into the night.

    I like whats happening with this “Scrappy Trip Around the World”

    While Mark is literally on a trip around the world how fitting that I should be making a quilt called  “Trip Around the World”
    He’ll soon be home and I hope to fill you in on some more details.

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  • That IS a “scrappy” quilt. Polly.  And it is different from what you usually do, but I kinda’ like it.  I love the other pictures, as well — of good times with friends, happy faces, and busy hands.  I’m sure it seems like Mark has been gone a long time, but I can hardly believe he is already coming home.  There’s been plenty of water over the dam since he left, I know, but it still seems like he just left!  I’m glad he is coming home, but I’m also impressed with how much living you’ve crammed into these two weeks. And just because I don’t tell you often enough, I want to say again that Mark got the gal that is just right for him and I’m so glad that you are in our family. Love you!

  • I really like that quilt, Polly!!

  • Your sewing day sounds fun! Eager to see the finished trip around the world.

  • Around the world and you didn’t get to go! 

  • I had to laugh about Roger’s instructions to Wava. He’s a wise man! What a fun day sewing with your good friends – even the chilly luncheon looks wonderful. And the picture of Mother and Mom Yoder is a classic – leaning in so they can hear each other!!

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