Month: November 2012

  • Two Thanksgiving Quilts

    Two Thanksgiving Quilts!

    This quilt was made by my good friend Queena K.  She made it to give to the doctor who has given such great care to her husband Ken (who has battled with cancer this past year).   I call it their “Thanksgiving Quilt”.

    Here’s my “Thanksgiving Quilt”.

    I pieced this one on Thanksgiving Day and the day before from my Father’s shirts.  As I sewed at my machine I used the time to thank the Lord for the blessing He gave me by giving me the best Father in the world.  So many warm and sweet memories came to mind I do miss him.

  • Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog!

    As much as I’ve enjoyed visiting Queena and Ethan, it feels so good to be back on American soil.  The hard part of coming home is getting my days and nights switched back where they belong.
    I’ve been awake since 2:00 am this morning.  Wide awake!   I know by afternoon I’ll be so sleepy.   I’m anxious for the 12 hour time difference to get back to normal again.

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears all done!

    Holly stayed over for an extra week.   All the pictures of Mark and her time in Bangkok and India are on her camera.  Once she gets home I’ll see if I can post a link to her site.

    One day Ethans took us into the rain forest where park officials feed the orangutans twice a day.  We were so hoping to see Ritchie, Baka and others.

    It was so hot and humid.   The trees were dripping droplets of water.   We waited and waited but no monkeys.   I was so disappointed but did enjoy our walk way back in the Jungle.

    Just look at the roots of these trees in our path.   I thought that curly vine was worthy of a picture.

    Back home and a good game of “Hide-and-Seek” with James.

    Another evening Dorie wanted a tea party with the girls.

    It wasn’t long before James wanted his sip of tea as well.

    Guess what this is!

    A sweet memory of my father Oren!

    Another evening we celebrated Holly and my birthdays by going out to “The Junk”.

    It was more of a western style restaurant.   After our meal we went to the river to enjoy the sights and sounds.   Remember this building in one of my previous posts?

    There were different musical groups along the way playing for a donation.   We sat fairly close to this guy and enjoyed his music.

    I especially enjoyed watching Queena visiting with these two Muslim gals in Malay.

    Thought you’d like to check out what my son Christopher is up to:

    Here is a link to his project, if you would like more details:

    Thanks again Queena, Ethan, Dorie and James for all the good times and for taking such good care of us.   We love you and will look forward to another visit at another time.

    ~ Parting Shot ~

  • Learning Malay

    Learning Malay


    Once a week Queena meets with this respected teacher to work on her Malay for a couple hours.   What a delight to tag along and sit in on this learning lesson.    When Queena’s teacher retired from public teaching six years ago, the president of Malaysia presented her with a metal of honor.

    We sat out on her open porch.   Part of Queena’s lesson was getting a list of new words about plants and growing things.

    I snapped some pictures of our surroundings as they worked away.


    This morning Queena and I went to a market that had a lot of tailor shops.   I had to smile as I saw the many women sewing away in their little shops.  Most of the ladies are making clothes or doing alterations.

    This lady won my heart.  She said she has been treadling on this very machine for over 56 years.  That is older then I am.
    In one of the stalls I spotted this hand stitched “Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt”. 

    It was the first quilt I’ve seen seen being over here.   I sure felt a kindred spirit with this lady and would of loved to sit and chat…       ….but I don’t know Malay and she didn’t know English.

    We stopped at the little food vendor for a bite to eat.   Queena said she is a regular customer.   The owner was so friendly and sat and visited with us while we ate.    He told me he loves when Queena comes.  He said she is always smiling!    They are a Christian couple.


    ~ Parting Shot ~

    We were thirsty and bought a bottle of water.
    What a name!

  • Church in Kuching

    Last evening I gave Queena and Ethan a date night and while they went out I stayed home with Dorie and James .   After baths we decided to play church.

    Here is James the preacher!

    When I told him it was time to preach he set up his own perch and pulpit as Dorie and I sat in the pews at the foot of the bed.

    He kept saying, “Now chapter 4…. now chapter 7….. now chapter 2″ and then he would page till he found a big number and announce that chapter.”   I know I’m not biased but it was adorable!

    Here’s Dorie the Sunday School teacher!

    We had a wonderful lesson on wise King Solomon.

    Followed by questions and The Preacher pointing out the right answer.

    Mark and Holly are still in India while I am enjoyi
    ng just being grandma here in Malaysia.
    The other morning I went outside to put some trash in the can along the road when just in front of me I heard a loud splat!   Here a 6 inch Gecko dropped from the ceiling right in front of me.

    Then yesterday as we were getting ready for a shopping excursion Ethan spotted a snail under the car.

    He tried to pull it out so we could get a better look at it but it was suction so hard on the cement.   I keep my eyes open and look where I’m walking!

    Yesterday we went on an hours drive to the border of Malaysia/Indonesia where each weekend Indonesians bring their wares to sell all along the streets.  It was so fascinating.

    Many of the stalls had these long green looking beans.  They reminded me of our pole limas back in the states.   Ethan chewed on one of the beans followed by all sorts of wild noises.  I figured then and there if Ethan didn’t like them I KNEW I wouldn’t.

    Now these rambutans are a different story.  They are sweet, juicy and rather good.
    Check out this link to Ethan’s description of the fruit.

    Update on Dories sewing project:
    Goldilocks is finished and we are now working on the Three Bears.

    ~ Parting Shot ~

    This is how the Mast children get clean!