Month: May 2013

  • Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max

    Wow!  That’s all I can say!
    This evening Mark and I felt like we were in the “Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max Commercial”.


    Thanks John H. for the 600+ HP ride!
    You know how to keep us young.

    My miniature Hollyhocks are in full bloom.  They are fastly becoming a favorite flower of mine.

    The colors remind me of Sarah Jane’s quilt.

    Last week I had a group of my friends in to sew for the day.   This is Mark’s sister Sarah with the first quilt she has ever made.   She is doing a great job and is almost done with the 48 blocks.  Wow!

    I also got a picture of Connie B. and the cute little “30′s quilt” she is working on.

    Friday we sure enjoyed supper and an evening with Chris and Alicia.   Alicia’s folks were in for the week from North Dakota.  

    Eariler in the week niece Joy came down from Pa. to spend the day with Grandma.   We met at Smith’s for lunch.   It’s always great to catch up on what’s happening in our niece and nephews lives.  Thanks Joy for taking time to come to Delaware.

    So many more get-together’s lately but I don’t have pictures to share.
    A Rook night with friends!
    A steak and shrimp supper with family and friends!
    My sister June and Jim were here for the week-end as well but I forgot to get any pictures.

  • Cookout, Cornhole and Campfire!

    Cookout, Cornhole and Campfire.

    Tim and Diana thanks for the summertime fun.

      I forget who won.

    Cheerleaders on the sidelines.

    Our family loves being with John H.  By the end of the evening he sure was racking up the points.

    Just look how Maggie May sits there patiently as his master plays.

    One reason I like Maggie May is because Timmy has trained her well.  She sits and stays when told.  (most of the time)

    Lots of stories and laughter around the fire.

  • Thanks to my children.

    Thank-you to my six children!    You sure do know how to make this momma of yours feel special.


    For lunch today Holly dear invited Mark and I over to celebrate, along with Chris, Alicia, Tim and Diana.  Diana had to work so she had to leave soon after we got there.

    Right after church Timmy stopped in here at the house and gave  me a ride on over to Holly’s place.
    I rode in style!

    What a delicious meal!   Panera Bread steak and blue cheese salad,  rice, roasted sweet potatoes.   All my favorite dishes.

    Ending it with a wonderful sweet cream cake with fresh berries.

    After the meal Chris and Alicia introduced us to a new table game.  The name was… “No Thanks!” for you gamers out there.   Great fun.

    ~ Parting Shots ~

    Love and Blessings to my dear mother!  I do love you!

    This evening we go to Mom Yoders for a family gathering.   I am doubly Blessed.