January 23, 2013

  • 35 Great Years

    This week I am celebrating 35 years with this wonderful man!

    Our Children were amazing in making this past weekend memorable.   Jeremy and Cheryl were in from Sunday evening till Tues. evening.    I hardly cooked over those days.  Cheryl made a wonderful brunch one morning.   Monday evening the kids pulled together and served a great supper.

    Israels had planned on coming in but at the last minute they had to change their plans.  Bummer.
    Then last evening the children surprised us by getting a group of our friends together to play Rook.   Diana had us come to their place for supper and when we walked in the door “Surprise” awaited usMy sister Barbara and Terry were in the group.  What a total and delightful surprise.    I forgot to get pictures from my sisters camera.  Maybe that will come later.    We are so blessed!

    Little Ariel Joy was a real favorite all weekend.

    Love this four generation picture.


    The boys love their baby sister.

    Sugar and Spice and everything Nice.

    I enjoyed making Silly Faces with Max.  Took a picture of us each making a silly face but didn’t have the courage to post it so this will have to do.

    A winter tradition I’ve started over the past years has been to get my ceramic snowman out of storage when we get our first snow.  I was afraid that wouldn’t happen this year but when we got a light dusting the other evening I thought it’s time to bring ole “Frosty” out of the closet.


    Now the company is all gone and time to get to work!

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