March 20, 2013

  • The Butterfly quilts are done.

    Holly and Alicia both did a great job.  It was a delight seeing these two work together and seeing the quilts take shape.   Both were made as baby gifts.  Alicia for her sister and Holly’s for a friend she use to work with.

    I love the details and serpentine quilting that was done on the seams.

    Going back into my pictures I see I never posted about a visit from Alicia’s mother.   Judy spent a couple days with Chris and Alicia a week ago.  We were blessed having her come join us for Sunday lunch.

    Mom Yoder and her sister Aunt Freda joined us as well.  They sure are two sweet ladies.  Love um!

    I guess my post on the “Tentmakers of Cairo” will have to wait again.

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  • Great to see your lovely pictures! Those quilts are beautiful.Nice to see Mrs.Yoder she looks very well. The newly weds make a very fine looking couple don’t they? Seeing your nice post makes me wonder why I ever left Xanga and think maybe I should get back to it. Love seeing your family!

  • @Nancy Chastain Brenizer@facebook - Nancy I know what you mean about leaving Xanga.  I’m seriously thinking about going with BlogSpot or something else.   The reason being some of the other bog formats allow you to print booklets of your posts fairly cheap.  Xanga has nothing like that but I love posting from Xanga.  I’m between a rock and a hard place!    

  • I love those quilts!  Did they design them themselves?  

  • Donna we saw them on Pinterest using stripped fabrics.   There was no way I had enough strips in my stash for the project.  @piecedtreasures - 

  • looooooove those quilts!!! they are stunning!

  • I really like those quilts.  Great idea.

  • Those are absolutely adorable! What great finishes!

  • Wow, oh, wow! Those girls are the future of quilting! The quilts they made are adorable, and the fact that the two sisters-in-love made them together will become a wonderful memory. And it’s all because of you, Polly — teaching them, passing along the love of this heart-touching craft that we all appreciate so very much! And reaching back to earlier generations, thinking of the earlier ones who inspired you and your sisters, too — that’s what makes quilting so special.

  • Oh Polly. Now I want to make one of these quilts too. I have way too many quilts on my “to do” list already!!! I readlly do like them. The girls did a great job! And I know they had a wonderful teacher and encourager!

  • It’s amazing how just seeing those absolutely gorgeous quilts makes me want to make one too!! Alicia and Holly did a superb job, and they had a superb teacher!

  • Love the quilts.

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