April 6, 2013

  • April Sewing Circle

    April Sewing Circle

    There was an extra amount of children at sewing.   Then we realized that this is Spring Break week and most of the kids are off from school.

    Children are the future Sewing Circle and we do welcome them.
    Grandma Delores showing Laci the finer points of her machine.

    Sorry this picture is out of focus but I thought it was so sweet seeing Jessica just a quilting away with her little one on her lap.

    Delores often had a child or two watching what she was doing.  Future seamstresses!


    Elizabeth and her adult child.

    Going through the lunch line with a little one in tow.

    How about this?  Momma has both hands free!


    Yum, Yum.  Mother and son.

    For Show and Tell  Queena brought the quilt that she had pieced out of her daughter Candace’s childhood dresses.  I was tickled that Candace was there as well as her little Lucy.


    Eileen got up during show and tell and said I have something to show you.
    A brand new grandson!

    We showed the quilt that Grandma Schultz and I made for her great-grandson.

    It was good to finally get this one out of the quilting frame.  Thanks to all you at sewing who helped put your beautiful stitches in this one.

    Notice the children standing around watching what Allison is doing.

    Here is a close up.   She brought this project along that she has been doing at home.   She pieced the doll blanket and is now hand quilting it.   What did I say about our future sewing circle?    Yay!!!

      Children stringing beads.

    Till next time…..happy sewing!

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  • Your sewing circle always looks fun, but this time, especially so with all the children there!  The finished quilts are beautiful!

  • Oh, Polly

    That was sooooooooo wonderful to scroll down through the pics..
    You have such a special ministry in putting this on Xanga…

  • I so enjoy the pictures you post of your quilting times.  I always think it is so special for every single lady involved, young and old. 

  • I so love the quilts the ladies have completed — but the fellowship of the sewing circle has to be even more special!

  • Such patience all of you have with the quilting and the children.  Good for you!

  • I especially enjoy seeing children getting involved in sewing, stitching, and quilting.

  • That is so special. Loved seeing the pictures of a precious day.

  • Now I understand a little better why people often tell me–?????
    Polly I enjoy so much looking at ladies and children at the sewing!!!

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