February 12, 2013

  • Sewing Retreat at Hilton Head, SC

    Sewing Retreat at Hilton Head with my mother, sisters and a few nieces! 

    This years sewing retreat was a little different then years past.  We were offered a time share unit from one of our nieces.  Distance and size of the unit made it difficult for a lot of the grandchildren to come.   Also our only sister-in-law Cheryl was not able to make it because Jessica was getting married that week. (In their home)    We missed you guys.

    I had the delight of sewing across the table from niece Rebecca.

    Her stack of pieces just kept growing and growing getting longer and longer.   She was working on the outer part of her quilt.  Here she is showing us her finished center.   Isn’t it beautiful?


    Sunday we had some men visitors.  Our sister Coleen lives a little over 2 hours from where we were so her husband Glen came and brought along 2 son-in-laws as well as niece Bethany and her daughter Hannah.

    For our church service we watched Dr. David Jeremiah on TV.

    I’ve decided to make just one big post on our time at Hilton Head so hold on, here we go!  This post is LONG!

    Mother made 6 of these velvet doll blankets.  One each day!

    Niece Javonne worked steady at her black and grey Cathedral Window.

    Jolene has started sewing her velvet strips together and did a lot of handwork during the week.

    Most of us walked each day on the beach.   We had a nice boardwalk that took us over the marshland right out to the beach.

    I asked Claire B. if she’d take some pictures of me and my finished quilt out on the beach.

    My quilt is called “Simply Woven” and is a scrappy random modern weave.  Can’t wait to start machine quilting it and getting some good texture to it!  We are doing one like it at our church sewing circle.


    Barbara worked on several projects.  Here’s one she designed and is working on making a pattern for it for her next book.

    She also brought one along that is my all time favorite of hers.

    I think this quilt could win ribbons at major quilt shows!

    Emily work on a lot of different projects.  She took a mans shirt and made this cute kitchen apron for herself.


    Here’s a more modern quilt called “Zipper”.   She had pieced it earlier and machine quilted it while there.



    One day it rained from morning till night!  We still enjoyed our walk on the beach.
    Here is Emily, Barbara, me, Coleen and Julia.

    Katina’s stack of flannel and denium squares is quite impressive!  Look at the background how we just put up our little sewing stations all around the room.

    We used the beds to lay out our quilts.

    And here is Katina’s finished comfort.  It’s a raggedy edge quilt.  All she needs to do now is wash it a few times and fluff up the edges.   Great job Katina!

    Her twin Claire B.  made a book bag for her niece.   All I can say is AMAZING!  The detail on it defies all!

    For one of our meals Emily treated us hordourves at Robert Irvine’s Eat! restaraunt.  It was a great experience.  He has a show on the Food Network station that I like to watch.

    Julia machine quilted her granddaughter Talya’s quilt and finished off the binding.


    This quilt of Julia’s was the first one complete!


    Coleen’s quilt is really taking shape.

    Sheila brought handwork along as well as her laptop so she could keep up with work at home.   She did ordering for her kitchen store while there.

    Till next year…..so long from this sewing bunch of sisters!

    Here are some links to my sister’s posts.



    Niece Jillian

    Thanks Jillian for making all this possible!

January 23, 2013

  • 35 Great Years

    This week I am celebrating 35 years with this wonderful man!

    Our Children were amazing in making this past weekend memorable.   Jeremy and Cheryl were in from Sunday evening till Tues. evening.    I hardly cooked over those days.  Cheryl made a wonderful brunch one morning.   Monday evening the kids pulled together and served a great supper.

    Israels had planned on coming in but at the last minute they had to change their plans.  Bummer.
    Then last evening the children surprised us by getting a group of our friends together to play Rook.   Diana had us come to their place for supper and when we walked in the door “Surprise” awaited usMy sister Barbara and Terry were in the group.  What a total and delightful surprise.    I forgot to get pictures from my sisters camera.  Maybe that will come later.    We are so blessed!

    Little Ariel Joy was a real favorite all weekend.

    Love this four generation picture.


    The boys love their baby sister.

    Sugar and Spice and everything Nice.

    I enjoyed making Silly Faces with Max.  Took a picture of us each making a silly face but didn’t have the courage to post it so this will have to do.

    A winter tradition I’ve started over the past years has been to get my ceramic snowman out of storage when we get our first snow.  I was afraid that wouldn’t happen this year but when we got a light dusting the other evening I thought it’s time to bring ole “Frosty” out of the closet.


    Now the company is all gone and time to get to work!

January 6, 2013

  • Easy Street And Christmas Fondue

    Easy Street ~ Mystery Solved

    Friday morning this is what my quilt looked like.

    All the units completed but they all needed to be sewn together.
    I literally sewed all day Friday and all day Saturday.  No cooking and little cleaning were done those days.     But by Saturday evening look what I had to show for my time!

    Bonnie Hunter thanks for putting on this fun mystery quilt.  I’m really happy with it but still need to add the turquoise and purple border.
    Stop by Bonnie’s “Linky Page and see what others have done.

    And now a few pictures of our family Christmas Fondue.   I know I’m way behind time with posting these pictures.

    Mark getting ready to read the Christmas Story.

    It’s such fun to see the little ones open their gifts.   Boaz was a hoot.  He would tear off just little pieces of paper at a time but would just keep at it.

    He even wanted to help Great-Grandma Alene.  I think he pitied her for only getting perfume instead of a toy!

    Mark seemed happy with his huge wall world map.   I figured he could find a wall at the Nursing Home for that!  He said he’d put it in his office.

    One Christmas tradition we have over the holidays is a fondue.  Each year I think maybe we can get by with not doing it but it seems the kids always look forward to it.

    What brought Diana to tears?


    Chopping onions for the fondue.

    We also have several flavored broth pots a simmering for raw veggies.
    This year we had all the trays of food and sauces on the island inthe kitchen.   That left lots of room on the dining room table for our hot pots.

    I made a festive jello dish to help cut the grease from the fondue.  It was way prettier then it was good.  Won’t make that again!

    Max loved the steak!   I’m always a bit scared with the hot oil with the little ones but let their mommy’s and daddy’s take care of them.

    Mom Yoder was a wonderful sport!  She “fondued” like a pro!
    It was her first fondue and my guess probably her last.
    I’m sure it didn’t go down as her favorite meal.

    Jeremy loves his choices of dipping sauces and has them all lined up there.

    Then in the evening we enjoyed a chocolate fondue put on by Holly and Diana.   (Served on my new Christmas gift)  Now that was some fine eating!

    Only half our children were here.   We missed Chris and Alicia who were with her family in ND.  Israel‘s in Michigan and Ethan’s in Malaysia.

January 2, 2013

  • January Sewing Circle

    Today I joined a group of precious ladies for our first Sewing Circle of the new year.

    This quilt was knotted and will be given to a family who lost most of their possessions when their house was flooded during hurricane Sandy.  It’s for a son of one of the ladies in our group.

    A lot of good conversation and friendships are strengthened during the day.

    I started the girls on piecing a new quilt top called

    “Simply Woven”.
    Here are the 13 blocks we completed.  35 more to go.

    A lot of cutting, sewing and ironing goes into each block.

    Wava’s doing a great job!

    Delores keeping that machine a humming.  I love sewing with these ladies.

    Darlene does all the binding on the comforts that are knotted.  I remember years ago when I was a new bride coming to sewing and enjoying quilting with Darlene’s mom Mary B.

    Kristen showed a purse she made out of jeans she purchased at the thrift store.  So creative!

    ~ Parting Shot ~
    A picture worth a thousand words.

December 27, 2012

  • Ariel Joy Yoder

    My next post was going to be all about our Christmas time but that all changed when Ariel Joy Yoder made her appearance into this world.

    I’m a proud new grandma!
    Two little boys are so happy to welcome their sister into this world.

    ~ Cheryl and Ariel ~

    Jeremy and Cheryl congradulations on the arrival of this precious gift from God!

    The day after Christmas I started rooting through my fabric stash and started dreaming of another quilt.    These are the fabrics I pulled for the next quilt we’ll be putting together for Sewing Circle.

    I cut enough strips for two quilts.  One for Sewing Circle and one for me!  You’ll have to wait to see the pattern we’ll be using.

    The Christmas post will be put on hold for now.

December 15, 2012

  • I’ve always loved a good good mystery.   I’m in the middle of one now.  I absolutely have no idea what the finished quilt is going to look like.

    This week we were given Clue #4 for Bonnie Hunter’s  mystery quilt called

    This weeks Cast of Characters:

    All ready to be sewed into 64 flying geese units.

    I love numbers and I’ve done a little running tally on all the pieces we have used for the first 4 clues.   Anyone want to guess how many pieces we have used so far?
    Below are all the completed units to date.

    1809 if I’ve counted right.

    Last weekend we went out to Michigan and celebrated Christmas with half our family.   Before going Holly and I got together one day and made some Christmas candy.   We’ve been wanting to try this recipe of Caramel Twists that we keep seeing on Pinterest.

    They were good but way to time consuming for me.  The only redeeming factor was that I got to spend the day with my Holly girl.

    Then today I made one of Marks favorite Christmas treats.   Date Balls.  They are quick, easy and delicious.  A recipe like this gives me more time to sew!

    Date Balls

    2 eggs beaten
    2 cups sugar
    1 cup butter
    1 lb. chopped dates
    1 cup chopped pecans
    2 T. vanilla
    6 cups Rice Krispies
    14 oz. coconut

    Put eggs, sugar, butter and dates in a sauce pan and bring to a boil stirring the whole time.  Boil for one minute then remove from heat.   Stir in vanilla, nuts and Rice Krispies.  Drop by spoonfulls in coconut.  These freeze really well.

    This year we did Christmas stockings for our gift exchange.

    Seven of our ten grandchildren!

    Christopher loved playing boardgames with the kids.

    Timmy and Diana jumping on the trampoline with the younger ones.  Israel dug a hole and lined it with cement with a drain in the bottom.  They live on a hill so any rain that collects runs down and out.
    Pretty cool!

    Three of my four boys.  Timmy, Chris and Israel.   Jeremy we missed you and Ethan.

    Jessica always puts on such wonderful brunches when we come.
    Cousins Max and Summer play together so well.  Wonder what they are discussing here.

    Alicia and Grant.

    Diana and one of the twins.

    “Mom, hurry up and take the picture so we can chow down on these fantastic scrambled eggs and apple fritters!”

    Thank you Israel and Jessica for hosting us this year.  You get a gold medal for being such gracious hosts.   The meals, the fellowship, the beds were all great.   We love you bunches and pray God will bless you richly for your kindness!

    ~ Parting Shot ~
    Israel, Jessica and the tribe of Israel

December 12, 2012

  • Michigan here we come!

    This past weekend we made a trip to Michigan for a very special occasion.
    Our three oldest grandchildren were baptized.

    This is a new step of obedience in their New Life in Christ.   Shad, Misty and Grant we are so happy for you.

    ~ Shad ~

    ~ Misty ~

    ~ Grant ~

    Mark and I have also been anxious to go out and see “Bullseye Marketplace” since they opened for business in November.

    Here is Israel with a little bit of his advertisement.

    I sure hope his taxidermist doesn’t cause a wreck while on the road!

    The taxidermist work abounds in the store.  Even above the freezer cases.

    Here’s the lunch meat and cheese counter.

    They had a table promoting these new sauces and dressings they have started to carry.

    Come to find out they are a new adventure of my first cousin Nevin Strite.
    Nevin, I took this picture for you.   Also want you to know I brought home a bunch of bottles to try.     Jessica served us the Jalapeno Ketchup with our scrambled eggs for breakfast and it was wonderful.   Gave those eggs a nice kick!

    Tim and Diana, and Chris and Alicia also made the trip.  We had our Christmas celebration while out there.    I’ll do another post with those pictures later.

    Can you guess what this phone call is all about?

    We had stopped in at Baltimore and brought Max out with us.  This is a phone call home telling his momma about……

    ~ Parting Shot ~

December 2, 2012

  • A New Mystery Quilt

    Another Mystery Quilt!

    Some of you might remember that this time last year I made a mystery quilt called Orca Bay.   It was a fun challenge and especially so because my sister Julia was also joining in the mystery.
    Here we are with our finished quilts last year.

    This years mystery quilt is called Easy Street!

    Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for putting this challenge together.   You can check in on her “Linky” page and follow over 200 other women who are taking on this project.

    I decided to go with the color pallet that Bonnie suggested of purples, teals, lime green and grey.


    These colors just didn’t seem to go together for me until I saw this one piece of fabric in my stash.  It included all her colors and I now LOVE the combination!

    Last week after I did Clue #1, which was to sew 192  4-patch blocks I spent some time ironing the seams while I watched Bonnie streaming live on her blog.

    That got me to thinking……why can’t I have a mini sewing retreat with my sisters?

    So this past Saturday while I was working on Clue #2, making 128 flying geese blocks,  I sewed with 3 of my sisters via Skype.  Now how fun is that!!!

    Thanks Barbara, Emily and Julia for the two hours of sewing fun.

    I now have my 128 flying geese blocks done.

    Clue #3 will be given on Friday but that day  our plans are to travel out to Michigan for an early Christmas with some of our children.   Clue #3 will have to wait.

November 25, 2012

  • Two Thanksgiving Quilts

    Two Thanksgiving Quilts!

    This quilt was made by my good friend Queena K.  She made it to give to the doctor who has given such great care to her husband Ken (who has battled with cancer this past year).   I call it their “Thanksgiving Quilt”.

    Here’s my “Thanksgiving Quilt”.

    I pieced this one on Thanksgiving Day and the day before from my Father’s shirts.  As I sewed at my machine I used the time to thank the Lord for the blessing He gave me by giving me the best Father in the world.  So many warm and sweet memories came to mind I do miss him.

November 22, 2012